Cogswell is a 7-year-old neutered male Shar-Pei mix who came to us in August of 2012 with a history of hind end paralysis. When he first came to us, he had been seen for the same condition at another vet who was unable to determine the cause of his recurring paralysis. He had been treated with western medicine for this condition several times since 2009, with short-term improvement seen, yet the condition kept recurring. His owners came to us to see if holistic and Traditional Chinese Medicine could provide some relief and help him to regain quality of life.

  Dog Cogswell
  Now Cogswell can stand and walk all by himself!
At his first appointment, Cogswell had to be carried into the hospital because he could not walk on his own. While he was non-ambulatory, he was able to stand unassisted for short periods of time and he did not seem painful. At his initial consultation, Dr. Dusza performed veterinary acupuncture and laser therapy, and prescribed several Chinese herbs to help with weakness and inflammation. The herbs were administered by his family twice daily, and Dr. Dusza continued to perform Acupuncture and Laser Therapy at regular intervals. Hilary performed Therapeutic Massage to help Cogswell relax his muscles and decrease spasms as well as to aid his range of motion and enhance muscle tone. In addition to holistic therapies, Cogswell was taking a muscle relaxer three times daily and a steroid once daily.

His family noted a small amount of improvement after the first treatment. While still non-ambulatory, he was able to stand on his own and bear full-weight! With each successive treatment, Cogswell was able to stand unassisted for longer periods of time. After 11 days of treatment, he was trying to stand up on his own. He also became more spirited and feisty – further proof that he was feeling better.

After 16 days of treatment, Cogswell began to try very hard to use his hind legs. He scooted around the house more and more, and while his hind legs were still very stiff, he managed to stand up from a sitting position, and walked to get a drink of water. With each Acupuncture and Laser Therapy treatment, and through the use of Chinese herbs, Cogswell's mobility and attitude were improving!

The following week, approximately 3½ weeks since beginning holistic treatment, Cogswell's owners were very pleased with his progress. At this point, Dr. Dusza decreased the muscle relaxer to twice daily, and the steroid to every other day, while continuing the herbs twice daily. She continued to perform Acupuncture and Laser Therapy at regular intervals, but increasing the amount of time between treatments. When he first came to us, we were treating him every other day, and now he was able to go 7 days between treatments and still show marked improvement!

By mid-September, Cogswell was walking on his own more and more. He was gaining more control over his hind legs. He was happy, active, and overall improving so Dr. Dusza decided to decrease the steroid to once every 3 days while continuing the muscle relaxer and herbs twice daily. Acupuncture and Laser Therapy continued to be administered weekly.

At the end of September, just over a month since beginning treatment with Dr. Dusza at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital, Cogswell was able to walk into the hospital all by himself! His family was thrilled that he was able to regain his quality of life. He was strong, active, and happy!

"My Husband and I would just like to send accolades to the staff and doctors at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital on behalf of our beloved Cogswell. He is a ½ Pug ½ Shar-Pei that turned 7 on 10\1\2012. They took us in on an emergency appointment on a Saturday morning, when after explaining our issues they did not even flinch that they closed in 2 hours, we were asked to come right in. We were given their name from a friend with similar issues. Cogswell was unable to walk or hold himself up, he suffered from disc damage to his lower back due to calcification in his discs. He has been treated by this team with acupuncture, laser therapy and herb therapy. He has improved by leaps and bounds, for three weeks we had carried him in to the office and when he was finally able to walk in on his own (which we were told he may never do from a previous doctor and exam), he was given a STANDING OVATION by the staff and doctors. Thank you Dr. Dusza and staff for a job well done! XO Cogswell!" — Kathy Mormul (Cogswell's Mom)

Today, Cogswell is continuing to improve. He's walking very well on his own, his spirits are up, and he has regained quality of life. Two months ago Cogswell was paralyzed, and now he can live a normal life thanks to Dr. Dusza and her use of holistic and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!