Kathy Mormul with her Shar-Pei Mix 'Cogswell'

Dog Cogswell"My Husband and I would just like to send accolades to the staff and doctors at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital on behalf of our beloved Cogswell. He is a 1\2 pug 1\2 Shar-Pei that turned 7 on 10\1\2012. They took us in on an emergency appointment on a Saturday morning, when after explaining our issues they did not even flinch that they closed in 2 hours, we were asked to come right in. We were given their name from a friend with similar issues. Cogswell was unable to walk or hold himself up, he suffered from disc damage to his lower back due to calcification in his discs. He has been treated by this team with acupuncture, laser therapy and herb therapy. He has improved by leaps and bounds, for three weeks we had carried him in to the office and when he was finally able to walk in on his own, (which we were told he may never do from a previous doctor and exam) he was given a STANDING OVATION by the staff and doctors. Thank you Dr. Dusza and staff for a job well done!"

XO Cogswell!

Dog BristolJulie Tedesco with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 'Bristol'

"I brought my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bristol, to see Dr. Kimberly Dusza regarding a holistic approach to seizures. I was thoroughly impressed and thankful for her knowledge of Chinese medicine. Her wonderful manner with Bristol helped to ease my worry. Im so glad we have a vet in our area who offers an alternative choice for our pets."

Julie, Lancaster

Dog RoccoStephanie Lakatos with Boston Terrier 'Rocco'

"Rocco has a very sensitive stomach and skin. He suffers from colitis a lot and Dr. Kim takes very good care of him! She gives him hydration, medication, and food to make him better. She also keeps his allergies to a minimum! Rocco is a lucky dog."


Cat ConnieTamara Manikowski with her Domestic Long Hair 'Connie'

"Connie had a great experience at the Lancaster Small Animal Hospital. She came to us unexpectedly, and the vet helped us out with vaccinations and more information about Connie. We certainly look forward to our grooming appointment on Tuesday. Thank you!"

Cat AbbyToni and Teri Roberto with their Domestic Short Hair 'Abby'

"We recently adopted a kitten named Abby and needed to find a new vet that was close to our home. We have been there 3 times so far and the staff, vet techs and both vets were wonderful and caring. We were impressed by the follow up telephone calls to see how Abby was progressing. We feel very fortunate to have picked Lancaster as our new vets. Abby seems very at ease there and makes herself right at home."

Thank you, Tony and Teri Roberto : )

Puggle MilesSusan Plonka with her Puggle 'Miles'

"Dr. Fetzner and staff are competent, caring and friendly! I have been bringing my precious pup, Miles, to Lancaster Small Animal Hospital for many years and have always been pleased with great care, service and fair prices. Nice facility in convenient Lancaster location. Highly recommended!!"

Dog Julian with Mom VickiVicki Klopp with her Chihuahua 'Julian'

"I have been taking my dog to Lancaster Small Animal Hospital since he was a puppy. It is the best Animal Hospital I have ever dealt with. From the moment I walk in the door I am greeted in a friendly and professional manner at the desk and by the hardworking assistants. Dr. Fetzer is the best Vet I could ever hope to find and my dog always gets superior care. I always walk out the door feeling lucky to have found Dr. Fetzner and Lancaster Small Animal Hospital. Thank you to all the fine hardworking people who keep my boy healthy and happy – and when he is happy I am happy!"

Dog Corgi Lily WhiteAvis Townsend with her Corgis Monty Python and Lily White

"I met and fell in love with Dr. Dusza when I went to work for my local vet and watched her expertly care for the animals that came in. The animals came out of surgery with such clean wounds it was like they had surgery a week ago. In 2002 I adopted Monty Python, a purebred corgi with issues, who Dr. Dusza jokingly called my blue light special. She cared for him his entire life, and extended his life at the end by giving him acupuncture and special meds to allieviate his pain. I drove 80 miles to her new Lancaster practice because I knew she was the best. A year has passed since Monty died and now I have Lily White, another baby Corgi with hopefully less issues. The only one I will trust with her is Dr. Dusza. I will again drive the 80 miles for the peace of mind that Lily is getting the best care."

Dog Emmy LouSuzanne Phillips with 'Emmy Lou'

"OK, I’ll say it!!! I LOVE Dr. Diaz and the staff at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital!!! I live in Rochester, am a volunteer for National Great Pyrenees Rescue, and a 7-year-old, former Livestock Guardian Dog I was fostering, Emmy Lou, had been battling chronic ear infections for years. She also suffered from frequent bouts of Great Anxiety, during which times she was frantic, trying to get outside, only to want to come back in, scratching at doors, howling and crying... so frantic to get out of a crate (if I put her in one to try to keep her safe and in one location) that she would end up with blood on her muzzle, in her attempts to get out. She would keep this up for 24 – 48+ hours at a time. Since none of the ear medications various vets had tried corrected Emmy Lou's painful ear infection, I searched for other alternatives and saw that Lancaster Small Animal Hospital was one of the few facilities in Western NY to offer: Class IV Cold Laser Therapy for pets: Reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and speeds healing without the use of medications or surgery. We are the only animal hospital in the area to offer this service! After a thorough exam of Emmy Lou’s ears Dr. Diaz determined another far simpler treatment would be appropriate... which included flushing all of the old medications out of her ears, cleaning them thoroughly and then inserting fresh medication that was able to be directly absorb... without layers of old medication in the way and also having her take antibiotics by mouth so she was being treated "inside and out." Dr. Diaz also suggested that the infections might be due to a food allergy, so he put her on Science Diet, Z/D, which has Hydrolyzed Protein (no intact animal protein to help avoid adverse reactions to food). Additionally, he started her on some prescription medication to help with her bouts of anxiety. When I took Emmy Lou back two weeks later... her ear infections were gone (probably a combination of the medications and new diet). I was so happy that Emmy Lou finally seemed to have turned the corner on her way to a comfortable life (she had sustained a severe injury to her left hind knee years before, probably from being head butted by one of the Rams in her flock, but that did not seem to be a hindrance to her). But less than 48 hours after our visit to Dr. Diaz, Emmy Lou started in with another High Anxiety episode... and nothing I could give her or do for her helped to give her relief. Sadly, after 3 days of this, it appeared as though euthanizing her might give her the peace she was not able to find. I knew the farm where she had been born and spent the first 8 weeks of her life, so I called to see if they would like me to return Emmy Lou's body for burial. (This seemed the right thing to me, having grown up next to my grandparent’s farm, where you buried your animals in their home ground). But Kim, one of the owners of the farm, asked if, instead of euthanizing Emmy Lou, would I like to bring her to the farm to see if being back with goats again would be soothing for her. And THAT WAS WHAT SWEET EMMY LOU WANTED, ALL ALONG!!!! She has been back with goats for nearly 2 weeks, is off the anxiety medication, and is one very happy little girl, interacting with the goats and playing with the two other working Livestock Guardian Pyrenees. My only additional comment is that I WISH LANCASTER SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL WAS CLOSER TO ROCHESTER!!!!!"

Dog MiaPam LaPorta with her Lab-mix 'Mia'

"The doctors and staff at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital are professional and caring. Our Lab mix, Mia loves you all. Thanks for keeping her fit and healthy!!!"