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AAHA 2The Lancaster Small Animal Hospital is an AAHA-Accredited Buffalo vet practice whose mission is to provide all your pets with state-of-the-art veterinary health care so that you may enjoy the optimum pet and companion experience with peace of mind. In addition to Western Medicine, we have a holistic veterinarian on-staff, offering acupuncture, chiropractic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We combine Western and Holistic veterinary medicine to provide your pet with quality of care unmatched by other Buffalo vet practices.We believe in serving the Western New York community by keeping you – our valued clients – informed about your pet’s condition and the latest advances available in veterinary medicine. We actively undergo continuing education to enable us to keep abreast of these changes.
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Exotic Pets

We’re more than just Cats & Dogs … We take care of all your creatures!

In addition to the traditional small animal practice, which services dogs and cats, we have an exotic pets veterinarian who cares for many species including, but not limited to, small mammals, parrots, lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and chinchillas!  We provide wellness and preventative care, as well as diagnostics and surgery. Another feature that sets us apart from other local veterinarians is that our holistic veterinarian often treats exotic pets as well.  We are one of the few Buffalo vet hospitals with the knowledge and experience to meet the special needs of these unique animals.  We would love to be your exotic pets veterinarian!